The Next ‘Truth About Weight Loss Seminar’ in Worthing

As A Worthing Resident You Can Claim Your Free Space At The Truth About Weight Loss Seminar Hosted In Worthing.

Hosted by: The Weight Loss Guys
Hosted at: Worthing Weight Loss and Fitness Centre
Date & Time: Friday 17th June at 7:00pm or Friday 15th July @7pm

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  • Do You Want To Lose Weight?
  • Do You Get Tired or Sleepy After Lunch?
  • Do You Diet, Lose Weight, Then Put It Back On Again?
  • Do You Get Sugar Cravings?
  • Do You Exercise, Yet Stay The Same Shape?

…. If You Answered Yes To Any of These Questions, You’re Not Alone: Find Out Why Most Weight Loss Programmes Fail, And What You Can Do To Succeed!

Here’s What You Will Learn At The Truth About Weight Loss Seminar on the 3rd of June:

  • How To Turn Your Body Into A Fat Burning Machine. You’ll Burn The Same Amount of Calories As Someone Running On A Treadmill For 5 Hours Per Day… Through Your Nutrition Plan Alone!
  • Avoid Useless Exercises That Get No Results.
    And Learn The Most Effective Fat Burning Exercises That Will Keep Your Body Burning Fat For Up To 72 Hours… After You’ve Finished Exercising!!!
  • Plus… The Secret Formula of The Thin, Secret Exercise Tricks of Personal Trainers, How Your Body Really Works, Why Hormones Are Making You Fat, A Step-By-Step Guide On Weight Loss And A Proven 12 Week Formula To Blow Torch Body Fat!

Click Here… To Get Full Details of The Seminar And Claim Your Place

Written by: Newton Lowndes

Newton is The Master Trainer and Success Coach at The Weight Loss Guys & FitBody Formula in Worthing. So far he and his team have helped their worthing clients lose over 442 Stone & 9279 inches of body fat. They will help you get Twice The Results in Half the Time and completely Transform your body! Read More

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