Your Free Christmas Survival Guide From The Weight Loss Guys, (Worthing’s Weight Loss Experts)

As you may know the last Weight Loss Bootcamp session for this year is on Thursday 23rd December at 8pm.

Now, although we start back early in 2012 on Tuesday 3rd at 8pm. We wanted to give you something to help you stay focused and in shape over the Christmas break. So here’s your ‘Free Christmas Survival Guide’ jam-packed with healthy recipes, fitness tips, and at-home workouts for fighting the Christmas bulge!!

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Written by: Newton Lowndes

Newton is The Master Trainer and Success Coach at The Weight Loss Guys & FitBody Formula in Worthing. So far he and his team have helped their worthing clients lose over 442 Stone & 9279 inches of body fat. They will help you get Twice The Results in Half the Time and completely Transform your body! Read More

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